Fetching remote branch with git

I have been googling about how to fetch and pull a branch from a remote repository, if the branch does not yet exist in the local repository. Read More

The myth of safe permissions

I have noticed, that despite thousands of tutorials and blog posts about unix permissions, many people still don’t grasp the concept of it and think about permissions in the sense of qualitative numbers, where the lower is simply the better. I’ll be talking here specifically about permissions of a php web application, because most of misunderstandings I have encountered, come from this sphere. Read More

Speed up virtualhost creation with Deven

Deven stands for Development Environment or Development Engine. It’s a command line tool for web developers for creating LAMP virtualhost based development environments in a single command. Read More

WP-CLI the WordPress shell administration

WP-CLI is a handy command line tool for WordPress administration that works in the shell. It allows you to make blazing fast upgrades of core WordPress, plugins or themes, new WordPress installations and any kind of administration tasks you usually do over the web administration interface. Actually it offers even a little bit more. Read More

Virtualhosts in local environement

Sometimes a single local domain “localhost” is not enough if we develop more projects. Usually we just use folders for different projects, but woldn’t local domains be better? Some php scripts are not made to run from a subfolder and have problems with that. Here is the solution. Read More