WP-CLI the WordPress shell administration

And there’s more

I will present you other things you can do with wp-cli in some follow up posts. You can do many useful things that were a hassle over the web interface. Remember how long operations tend to time out either on the server or on the browser site? The shell never times out. Theoretically you can perform operations that will last for days: as long as your command prompt is open, the operation will continue. That’s why WP-CLI comes very handy at tasks that take a long time:

  • Import/Export
  • Thumbs regeneraion
  • Database backup
  • … etc …

One of the most exciting things with WP-CLI is the wp shell command. It fires up a PHP console with your WordPress files loaded. It is priceless for debugging and experimenting with functions.

Isn’t it obvious that I am pretty excited about WP-CLI? I started using it about half a year ago and I can’t count how many work hours it saved me. My time spent on upgrading WordPress went down from 2-3 days to 2 hours for my lot!

That’s all. I encourage you to check out this presentation, I used for my talk about WP-CLI.

Visit the WP-CLI project page.

And drop a comment if you will.